0-Petr Strnad - Epicentre-pap collage-27.4 x 37.7cm-2017.jpg

About Petr Strnad

I worked for many years as a photographer for a variety newspapers and magazines in the Czech republic where I was born in 1964. After I moved to the UK I began work as an abstract painter, photographer, mixed media artist and graphic designer.

I focus on a strong use of perspective and geometric shapes to deconstruct the scene before which I then reconstruct to new ‘private’ language. Thus it is an artistic trend in which forms, colours, patterns, textures and materials combine to make a visually rich and meaningful object.

I always try to create pictures that are less informative and more suggestive, where space is left to viewer to stimulate his fantasy and imagination.

I am self-represented and take clients on a limited basis. Inquire about my availability: